Beauty tips and tricks for kissable lips

Every girl wants to know how to be beautiful. Every lady desires to be a beauty princess for her man.

Moist, tender and soft lips are the cutest attribute of feminine beauty. Here, I’m sharing with you some simple beauty tips and tricks for the beauty of your lips. Using these little secrets you will get heavenly soft and kissable lips you’ve always wanted. Let’s begin:

During the day, it’s very important to avoid overexposure to the sun; make sure to use a lip balm with sufficient level of sun protection (SPF). Also, remember to moisturize your lips when you tan.

Here is a very simple and easy tip to keep your lips healthy and smooth:

Massage your lips daily for couple of minutes (for example, every evening) with a simple, clean tooth brush. Moisturise your lips directly after this massage, using your favorite lip balm or just olive oil. If you include this simple ritual into your daily routine, you can forget about chubby and dry lips forever.

Before bed time apply some coconut oil or olive oil on your lips; you can also use an eye cream instead, if you don’t have anything else at hand – it will make a wonderful job hydrating and softening your lips.

How to care about chapped lips?

Everyone of us, at least once, had this uncomfortable problem of chapped lips, which could be caused by such things as cold weather, overexposure to the sun, lip biting or just lack of certain vitamins. How do we solve this problem? First of all, prevention is the key. Try to use lip balm on a regular basis and remember to exfoliate. You can also use vaseline, as a protective coating for your lips, it will defend your pout from windy weather and lock moisture.

Now lets look at some simple, yet effective lip makeup tips and tricks:

– If you want your lipstick to last longer – apply a lip pencil of similar to your lips color all over your lips first and then, only, apply your lipstick.

– While testing a lipstick in the shop, apply it on the tip of your finger, instead of applying it on the back of your hand, because the texture and the color of your finger tips are closer to the natural texture and color of lips. Never apply a lipstick tester from the shop directly on your lips – it’s very unhygienic!

– If you are in a hurry and you need a quick, yet fresh makeup, try to dab some lipstick on your lips using your finger and then, apply on your cheeks what’s left as a blush. This way you will get very fresh, harmonious and effortless look very quickly.

– To keep your lipstick off your teeth try this trick: after you’ve applied your favourite lipstick – pop your index finger into your mouth and then, slowly pull it out, the excess lipstick will come off your finger, leaving your teeth lipstick free.

– If you have a romantic date, where you will be drinking wine or champagne in a lovely company, this is how you can keep your lipstick out of the glass. It’s simple: discretely lick the tip of the glass before drinking, then, your lipstick won’t be able to leave a print. Try it! It works!

– And to finish up these lip tips and tricks, I want to encourage you to experiment and play with colors. For example, if you have some forgotten lipsticks or shades that you don’t particularly like, try mixing them with other colors and create your own lipstick shades. So that unwanted lipstick can turn into the most desirable one.

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