We all want beautiful lips. But, sometimes, the shape of our mouth leaves us wanting (I’m the first to admit that it’s hard to be satisfied with what I’ve been blessed with!). Thankfully, there are some simple makeup techniques you can use if you want your lips to appear fuller or more luscious or make your smile more radiant without resorting to surgery. Follow this guide!

Using primer is the key!

A lip primer will keep your lips moisturized and prepare them for your makeup routine. It will also prevent your liner, lipstick or gloss from bleeding. That’s because a primer fills out the small lines and wrinkles and makes your lip texture even so they’ll look smooth. Do you feel like you’re always reapplying your lipstick or gloss? A lip primer can solve your problem! Primer pencils are incredibly practical because they offer better precision and longer hold.

Tips And Tricks For Beautiful Lips

For fuller lips

– Apply a bit of foundation on your lips, then blur with your fingers or a sponge.
-Mattify with some sheer powder.
-Trace the “new” contour of your lips with a pencil that’s the same colour as your lips, by tracing slightly outside your natural lip line.
-Fill out your lips with your pencil but leave the middle of your lower lip nude for a lovely 3D effect.
-Apply a bit of iridescent lipstick followed by a bit of lip gloss for more volume.

Pro tip: Try a plumping lipstick to create fuller, irresistible lips. This type of gloss often contains natural ingredients such as cinnamon, menthol, cayenne pepper (also called capsaicin), caffeine, niacin (a type of vitamin B that stimulates blood flow and gives your lips volume). It can sometimes make your lips sting after application, but don’t worry; that simply means it’s working. These ingredients have all been put through tolerance tests, so you can use a plumping lip gloss without any danger. Don’t hesitate to try it out!

To make your lips look thinner

-Use the same primer as you would to get fuller lips.
-Lightly trace the contour of your mouth inside the natural line of your lips with a pencil of the same colour as your lipstick.
-Fill out your lips with the pencil, then apply your lipstick.
-A dark shade and matte texture will magically make your lips appear thinner!
-To keep your lipstick from bleeding, apply a bit of concealer around your mouth, then some sheer powder to set your makeup. Finally, apply your lipstick.

A few tips…

  • You won’t be able to embellish lips that are dry or chapped. You need to moisturize your lips to make your lipstick last longer.
  • Integrate a lip treatment cream into your nightly beauty routine. Opt for a cream containing collagen and hyaluronic acid, the ingredients that doctors inject into lips. Will it have the same effect? No, but your lips will seem smoother and fuller, without your getting an injection.
  • Exfoliate! Use a product specifically designed for lips or a soft-bristled toothbrush. In addition to getting rid of dead cells, you’ll stimulate blood flow and make it easier for your lips to absorb the moisturizing agents in your lipstick.
  • To keep your lipstick from bleeding, apply a bit of concealer around your mouth, then some sheer powder to set your makeup. Finally, apply your lipstick.
  • For a touch of glamour, apply some brightener or beige glitter eyeshadow right at the Cupid’s bow on your upper lip.
  • If your lips are uneven, apply a shade of lipstick that is darker on your fuller lip to make it appear smaller.

My favorite products:

  • Virtual Lip Contour Lise Watier
  • Collagen Lip Treatment Modèle
  • Pepti-Collagene 3D Karine Joncas
  • 2-in-1 retractable plumping lip liner Marcelle

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